Help for Men

Get the support you need to have a better marriage. So often, men and women are at odds because men and women think about relationships differently. Men tend to be more pragmatic, which women experience as too calculating. Women tend to be more emotional, which men perceive as impractical. From there, the communication breaks down. When you enroll in my coaching programs, you will get consistent support for your relationship goals. Begin with a short questionnaire and then schedule your first appointment after you pay, via Paypal, Cash App, Square, or Direct Deposit.


Step One: Complete brief questionnaire ~ CLICK HERE.



Step Two: Pay for First Appointment ~

For Paypal, use this address:

For Square or Cash App, use my full name: Teresa Ann Foxworthy

For Direct Deposit, contact me ~ CLICK HERE. 



Step Three: Schedule First Appointment ~ CLICK HERE.



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